Our IWAK women have many talents and interests, and they know the value of sharing them with one another and the world. At IWAK, we have a great variety of activity groups where you can find a kindred spirit who takes interest in the same things you do, and the best part is that you can always start and lead your own activity group with the full support and encouragement of the IWAK Committee!

Below are our fun groups operating at the moment:


Book Club

Not Just for Book Worms! We meet once a month to discuss and recommend English language books chosen by our members. A great way to socialise and chat over coffee in a relaxing and friendly group. You are welcome to come along even if you haven't had time to read the book. For more details just go to Facebook: IWAK Book Club, or contact Payal Mahajan.

When: On the second Wednesday of the month

Where: Massolit American Bookstore and Cafe, Felicjanek 4 or members' homes

Admission: Free

Book Swap

I am in proud possession of what was formerly known as the IWAK library and would like to make better use of it. There are approximately 400 books in this collection by authors from all over the world, mostly novels, some light, some classics, many prize winners, also biographies and some non-fiction. I also encourage members to swap/donate/borrow kids' books, so there is truly something for everyone! We meet on the last Friday of every month in our home, where we can have a coffee, browse the shelves and swap books. This won't replace the Book Club, but will offer an additional opportunity to gather around books and the world they invite us into.
When: Last Friday of every month
Where: Leonie's home (near Plac Invalidów), address provided in closed Facebook group. Contact person: Leonie Mueller
Admission: Free

Culture Club

Join our resident bilingual tour guide Celina Bukowy for monthly guided tours of Kraków’s many beautiful and fascinating museums. Discover a new museum every month! For more info join the closed Facebook Group or contact Celina Bukowy.

When: Monthly on the first Wednesday of the month

Where: Different museums

Admission: 20 PLN + museum ticket

Travel Club

Carla Vasconcelos will facilitate meetings where ladies can chat about their travel experiences, share tips, and even learn more about Kraków. More info on the Facebook Group or contact Carla Vasconcelos.

When: Monthly on the last Wednesday of the month

Where: Members' homes or cafés

Admission: Free

Baby & Toddler Group

Our own Laura Debray, mother to 3-year-old Anouk and baby Kato, invites fellow mothers of bubs and toddlers for coffee-infused playdates. These meetings will rotate between members’ homes but can also be hosted by members at cafés with kids’ corners or parks. Mothers can chat and get to know each other while bubs hang out and toddlers play. For more info join our closed Facebook Baby & Toddlers Group or contact Benedetta Montenero.

When: 10 a.m.-12 p.m., first, second and last Thursday of the month.

Where: Members' homes or cafes or parks.

Admission: Free


Dancehall Marathon

One hour of full-speed, great fun dancing and exercise. Let your hair down, work out, sweat a lot and hop around to funky tunes in the rhythm of Jamaican Dancehall, keeping you fit and in a happy mood. For more info join our closed Facebook Group or contact Anna Mey.

When: Currently irregular but generally on Tuesdays, 9:30 a.m.-10:30 a.m.

Where: Klub Kultury Wola, Królowej Jadwigi 215

Admission: 20 PLN per 1 hr session

IWAK Yoga Love Tribe

Kundalini Yoga for beginners and beyond is a yoga class that includes all eight aspects of yoga, and fits well into the daily life of people. It’s a class of empowerment through meditation and a time for self-nurturing. Through breathing exercises we detox and purify, in physical asanas we lengthen and strengthen. Deep relaxation brings the benefits of your inner knowing, and meditation fuels creative consciousness and brings peace to uplift you. All to the poetic beauty of mantra music. A hearty Welcome!

When: Currently classes are being offered intermittently by invitation - for more details join the Facebook Group or contact Line Morganstierne.

Admission: 30 PLN per 90 min session

Running Group

They run rain or shine. Hot or cold. The only thing that can stop them is ice (but not really). Runners and run/walkers of all speeds and intended distances welcome!

When: This Group is presently suspended and in search of a new leader for the spring season. For more info please contact Sarah-Anne Kielczewski.

Admission: Free


Flavour & Floral

Join our super talented, warm and bubbly Samina Haris for inspirational monthly exotic cooking or flower arrangement workshops. You will not regret one moment! For more info join our closed Facebook Group or contact Samina Haris.

When: 1-2 times per month

Where: Samina and other members' homes.

Photography Club

Samina Haris and Anna Spiridonova – two talented photographers – will run exciting photography walking tour workshops for IWAK members! You don’t even need a super fancy camera – your phone will do just fine! A group project is planned as well, to create a beautiful photo book. A chance to get to know Kraków through the photographer’s lens :). For more info join the closed Facebook Group or contact Samina Haris or Anna Spiridonova.

When: Monthly

Where: Different locations around Kraków

IWAK Glam Squad

Have you ever seen a fashion show and thought to yourself: “I wish I had the skills to make something like that”? Well, now you can! Join the IWAK Glam Squad, led by our fashion diva, Tamara Matvisin, to learn how to make garments from scratch. Weekly lessons will teach you all valuable skills, starting from the initial design, making the pattern, and learning how to use sewing machines, to making your dream become reality. For all details, join our Facebook Group, and start your fashion journey!