Our IWAK members have many talents and interests, and they know the value of sharing them with one another and the world. At IWAK, we have a great variety of activity groups where you can find a kindred spirit who takes interest in the same things you do, and the best part is that you can always start and lead your own activity group with the full support and encouragement of the IWAK Committee!

Below are our fun groups operating at the moment:

Active IWAK

We operate via WhatsApp and offer all members the chance to start up new activities or arrange spontaneous meet-ups and active propositions for spending time together! This is also the place to recommend fitness classes/clubs, etc. All IWAK members are encouraged to join. Link provided to current, paying members. Contact person: Kim Bos.

Culture Club

Join our resident bilingual tour guide Celina Bukowy for monthly guided tours of Kraków’s many beautiful and fascinating museums. Discover a new museum every month! For more info join the closed Facebook Group or contact Celina.

Meets monthly subject to COVID restrictions

Where: Different museums

Admission: 30 PLN + museum ticket

IWAK Holistic Mums

This is the place where we approach Motherhood in a holistic way, by sharing meaningful information and creating a support system beneficial for both expectant mothers and experienced ones.

Different meetings will be scheduled: one for pregnant ladies, one for playdates with children. For more info join the closed Facebook Group or contact Alexandra Grabowska.

Holistic Living Group

Discover a healthier and more sustainable way of living life by joining our monthly (mindful) conversations. For more info join the closed Facebook Group or contact Alexandra Grabowska.

Meets monthly, last week of the month

IWAK Glam Squad

Have you ever seen a fashion show and thought to yourself: “I wish I had the skills to make something like that”? Well, now you can! Join the IWAK Glam Squad, led by our fashion diva, Tamara Matvisin, to learn how to make garments from scratch. Weekly lessons will teach you all valuable skills, starting from the initial design, making the pattern, and learning how to use sewing machines, to making your dream become reality. For all details, join our Facebook Group, and start your fashion journey!

Meets weekly

IWAK - Food Friends Fun

Join in to meet people and swap ideas at friendly monthly outings that will take place either on weekdays, weekends or evenings. These fun events will be combined with an element of charity. Stay tuned for more info. During the lockdowns we operate an online Zoom cooking club called The Pyjama Kitchen. Contact: Ewa Halperin or Katrina Gates.

Meets monthly