Our IWAK women have many talents and interests, and they know the value of sharing them with one another and the world. At IWAK, we have a great variety of activity groups where you can find a kindred spirit who takes interest in the same things you do, and the best part is that you can always start and lead your own activity group with the full support and encouragement of the IWAK Committee!

Below are our fun groups, and information about potential new groups that need a leader 🙂

Book Club

Not Just for Book Worms! We meet once a month, either at Massolit English Bookstore and Cafe on Felicjanek 4, or in members’ homes, to discuss and recommend English language books chosen by our members. The club has approx. 400 books in its library and members can choose as many books as they like to take home and read during the coming month for a donation of a minimum of 5 zl. All the subscriptions go towards buying more books for the library. We own a wonderful selection of books written by authors from all over the world, mostly novels, some light, some classics, many prize winners, also biographies and some non-fiction. Something for everyone! A great way to socialise and chat over coffee in a relaxing and friendly group. Meet on the second or third Wednesday of the month. For more details just go to Facebook: IWAK Book Club, or contact Anna Mey.

Feel free to join in at any time!


Running Group

They run rain or shine. Hot or cold. The only thing that can stop them is ice (but not really). Runners and run/walkers of all speeds and intended distances welcome!
Meets weekly at times agreed upon by members

Dance Classes

One hour of full-speed, great fun dancing and exercise. Let your hair down, work out, sweat a lot and hop around to funky tunes in the rhythm of Jamaican Dancehall, keeping you fit and in a good mood.
Meets every Wednesday
9:30-10:30 a.m. at Dom Kultury Wola. For more info join our closed Facebook Group: IWAK Beginner Dancehall Classes, or contact Anna Mey.
Admission: 20 PLN per session


Stefanie Vieten is an IWAK member and qualified Yoga instructor. She teaches yoga classes for all levels.
Schedule varies
Admission: 20 PLN per session

Our leaders for the below groups have moved abroad 🙁 Perhaps you would like to run one? Or suggest a new group? We are open to your initiative!

Art Group

Artsy IWAK ladies meet up to draw, sketch or paint together, give each other feedback and have fun!
Meets monthly

Craft Group

This friendly circle is open to anyone who has an interest in any form of craft activity, from knitting to scrapbooking to decoupage to eternity.
Meets monthly

Baby & Toddler Group

IWAK’s baby group welcomes all mums of kids aged 0 to 3 and expectant mothers. While the babies make friends and play, mums have a relaxed chat and a cup of (much needed) coffee.
Meets weekly