As a diverse group of internationally experienced women, of various cultures, ages and backgrounds, the intent of the International Women’s Association of Kraków (IWAK) is to connect women in friendshipthrough a shared enjoyment of the city,  also offering advice and providing opportunities for international women of all ages and cultures to meet, share, and enjoy one another’s experiences and interests.

IWAK is a not-for-profit charitable association of volunteers and we also make a commitment to support those women in our local community through our charity work, volunteering efforts, fundraising, and in-kind donations. The beneficiaries of these donations change every year or two.

We consider the following principles maintained by our members to be self-evident:

To listen, share knowledge, experiences, interests and give advice or guidance, with humility, kindness and respect.

The International Women’s Association of Kraków is a non-commercial, non-religious and non-political organisation. Racism and homophobia are not aligned with the positive and open spirit of this Association and will not be tolerated. Please speak with a Committee Member if you encounter such behaviours.

We are confident that there is no other organisation like IWAK in Kraków. We make it our mission to ensure that IWAK is the best, fastest, safest and most enjoyable way for expatriate women to meet a diverse group of their counterparts in this city and forge new friendships. With IWAK, you’re among friends, and even if your home is miles and miles away – with us – you’ll feel right at home in Kraków!