Welcome to the International Women’s Association Krakow (IWAK), an inspiring network dedicated to uniting women from all corners of the world. At IWAK, we believe in the power of connections – the kind that transcend borders, cultures, and time zones. 

Our mission is to provide a dynamic platform where women can network, collaborate, and empower each other to create meaningful change.

About Us: IWAK is not just an association; it’s a movement that embraces diversity, celebrates achievements, and sparks conversations that matter. With members spanning across continents, industries, and backgrounds, we are a vibrant community of women who understand that our collective strength is magnified when we stand.

Global Reach, Local Impact: IWAK bridges geographical gaps, allowing you to connect with women from different countries and cultures. Our network brings the world to your fingertips, enabling you to gain insights and perspectives you might never have encountered otherwise.

Meaningful Connections: We prioritize quality over quantity. Through our events, workshops, and online platforms, we provide a space for women to connect, share experiences, and offer guidance to one another.

Diverse Expertise: Whether you’re an entrepreneur, professional, artist, or educator, our network spans across industries and disciplines. This diversity means that you can tap into a wide array of expertise, opening doors to learning and growth.

Promoting Health and Well-being:We prioritize the physical and mental well-being of women. We offer resources and programs that promote self-care, mental health awareness, and a healthy lifestyle.

Collaboration Opportunities: IWAK is a hub of collaboration. We believe that the best ideas are born when minds come together. From virtual workshops to international conferences, our network provides the space for you to collaborate on projects that matter to you.

Join us at IWAK and be part of a network that’s more than just connections – it’s a sisterhood of women who are making waves in their fields and leaving a positive impact on the world. Here, networking isn’t just a transaction; it’s a transformation.

Welcome to your passport to global women’s networking!