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My online resources may be of interest to your members, especially newcomers, either as sources of information, tips on events, culture, news etc in and around Kraków, or as an opportunity for any members offering a service or business for foreigners in Kraków, to reach the International Community.

I’d like to share some of my online and social media and ‘real life’ resources supporting foreigners in Kraków.


I am an active, and prominent member of the International community in Kraków, and importantly have built an unrivalled network with a unique opportunity to reach the community.

I own & operate:

·      Kraków Expats Directory

·      Kraków Photo Tours

·      Kraków Stories Podcast

·      Kraków TV 1,088,021 views

·      Social Media – 35+ Kraków related platforms. (listed here)
(Over 80,209 members on FB alone)

I was awarded the title Multicultural Ambassador for the City of Kraków by the President and am an operating partner of the City’s Multicultural Centre, which has allowed me to build an unrivalled network of connections and partnerships.

I am also a ‘GlobalScot,’ a representative of the Scottish Government, promoting culture and enterprise abroad. I take part in the monthly Scottish Government ‘Poland Team’ meeting.


Kraków Expats Directory supports our diverse and growing International Community, in and around Kraków, providing resources, tips, general information and things to do in Kraków, along with listing of businesses, services operated by or providing services to foreigners in Kraków.

You can read more at: About Kraków Expats Directory 



I’d like to offer IWAK members an opportunity to advertise and promote their business to the international community in Kraków, and beyond, via my extensive network, by creating a listing on Kraków Expats Directory and promoting their business or service across my social media network.

KED OFFER – MAY 2024..pdf

Kraków Expats Directory offers businesses and services who want to do business with our growing and diverse International Expat Community a chance to promote their business.            I wanted to give you this opportunity to have a look at the directory, and consider if you may be interested in being included. A ‘lifetime listing usually costs 1599 zł, however I’d be happy to offer the lifetime listing for the price of a 1 year listing – 599 zł brutto.

My Offer – I would be happy to offer the following:

– Lifetime Listing on Kraków Expats Directory – no renewal – Sample listing

– Article on Kraków Expats Directory  Sample article

– Share the listing and article across my extensive social media network.

– Recommend and promote your business to my clients and partners.

– Photo tour clients (I also cooperate with other tour and festival providers).

– Multicultural Kraków partners etc.

– The growing international community in Kraków.

I’ve summarised my offer and listed my main social media platforms in the attached document.

I live in Kraków and would be very happy to meet in person, or have a call, to discuss my proposal and explain in more detail why I think this would be a beneficial cooperation. I look forward to hearing from you and would be happy to answer any questions or provide more information.