Join the Newcomers’ Meetings and learn more about IWAK

Our Newcomers’ meeting is an opportunity to get together in a small group along with some “long-time” Kraków residents and share experiences, find answers to questions, and get helpful tips about life in Kraków. Although we organise these get-togethers. Please note that drinks and/or food are not provided by IWAK.

In light of the ongoing pandemic, we need to keep adjusting to any restrictions as concerns IWAK meetings and events. If necessary (during lockdowns) we hold monthly online “Zoom Newcomers’ Meetings” for those wanting to join and ask any questions and meet us – for details about our next meeting please check hereOtherwise we organise friendly face to face meetings. We warmly welcome you to join our Community!

New members can join the Association at any time by emailing us at and pay by bank transfer (see details re membership fees and bank account number below).

Please read our IWAK COVID-19 Response Policy for all IWAK events.

Membership Benefits

Your annual membership subscription entitles you to:

  • Help and advice from a host of experienced members,
  • The enjoyment of any of the Interest Groups (currently online and/or small face to face gatherings),
  • Access to our closed IWAK Facebook group, containing information on life in Poland, recommendations, tips and advice, as well as practical facts (dealing with bureaucracy, social conventions, housing, kids’ concerns, driving, shopping, health care, dining, arts, sports, markets and fairs),
  • Invitations to all events and outings such as IWAK’s Christmas Gala, Ladies’ Nights, and our family-oriented parties (currently subject to pandemic restrictions),
  • A monthly newsletter with articles on travel, culture, recipes, group news, and a full list of upcoming events,
  • Reduced fees for advertising in the monthly newsletter/website,
  • Please note: some interest groups activities may have a nominal charge or requirement to purchase your own materials.

To ensure that IWAK is not used for commercial purposes and remains a social and family orientated group, membership is available to:

  • Expatriate women living in Poland,
  • Women who are married to, or the partner of, an expatriate,
  • Women who have lived outside Poland as an expatriate for at least 5 years.

Membership Fees

The IWAK membership year begins on 1 September and ends on 30 June.

Owing to the pandemic and limited activites, IWAK has reduced the membership fee for the 2021/2022 year for all members to 100 PLN until further notice.

It is possible to join IWAK at any time during the year. For new members joining from February 2022 or later, the membership fee is a symbolic 50 złoty.

Fee Payment

Fees payable by electronic bank transfer to the account below. Please title the transfer MEMBERSHIP and INCLUDE YOUR NAME AS REFERENCE. Fees are non-refundable and all renewal fees for existing members are due by the end of September.

Account Name: International Women’s Association of Krakow

Bank Address: Bank Pekao S.A, Rynek Glowny 31, Kraków
Account no/nr rachunku: 22 1240 1431 1111 0010 1227 1545


Frequently Asked Questions

What is IWAK?
IWAK is a group of expatriate women living in Kraków who meet to make new friends, help and support newcomers to the city, enjoy cultural & other activities together and support local charities.

Are there any membership fees?
Yes. Our annual membership fee is currently 100 złoty (PLN) per year for ladies joining between between September and January inclusive. Our calendar year runs from 1 September until 30 June.

If you join IWAK from February 2022 or later, your membership fee is a symbolic 50 złoty.

Where does the money collected from membership fees go?
Like most organisations, IWAK uses some of the funds for covering operating costs, e.g. accounts, website maintenance, and event hosting. Any remaining money is donated to charities in the Kraków area selected by IWAK members. IWAK Committee members donate their time and efforts to the organisation as volunteers, they pay the same joining fees and other costs as all other members.

Can I advertise with IWAK?
For more information about advertising and/or sponsoring IWAK, e-mail us at

What kind of women belong to IWAK?
All kinds! Our membership profile ranges from women who are 20-something to 65-something, and who come from different countries worldwide. Some live in Kraków permanently, some are here for a few years or even less.

Do I have to speak English to join?
While official business is conducted in English, you do not have to be fluent to join and enjoy our many activities.

Why should I join?
IWAK provides the opportunity for expatriates and women recently relocated to Poland to establish friendships. Monthly meetings and social events put you in touch with women living in the Kraków area. Our members socialise together, share experiences and provide one another with mutual support.

Who can join?
Membership in IWAK is extended to anyone who is interested in and willing to comply with the Association’s purpose. To ensure that IWAK is not used for commercial purposes and remains a social and family-oriented group, membership is available to:
Expatriate women living in Poland,
Women who are married to, or the partner of, an expatriate,
Women who have lived outside Poland as an expatriate for at least 5 years.

Can men join?
Unfortunately, there is no such option at the moment. However, we strongly encourage our members’ spouses or partners to take part in our activities and gatherings.

Can I try before joining?
Yes. Please feel free to join us at any our Coffee Mornings or Newcomers’ Meetings.

I work full-time. Do you have anything for me?
We try to plan a variety of events for our members, trying to accommodate everyone’s different schedules. In addition to daytime events, there are also evening and weekend events that you can enjoy (and families, partners or spouses are welcome there too).

Do you have activities for families?
Yes! For babies and toddlers, there is a weekly play group where mothers can also get to know each other. For older children, there are occasional family outings, parties and picnics.

How is the group organised?
IWAK is organised by a Committee and led by the President, Vice-President and Treasurer. Committee members are responsible for coordinating membership, advertising, public relations, social and cultural events, the IWAK website, writing and editing the monthly Newsletter, and for welcoming newcomers. All Committee members and coordinators are volunteers and pay the same membership fees and events participation costs as everyone else.

Who can I contact with further questions?
Email us at – We’d love to hear from you!