Our Team (profiles with job description of IWAK team/leadership)

Section: Our Team


IWAK is organised by a Committee and led by the President, Vice President and Treasurer.

Committee members are responsible for welcoming newcomers, organising social and cultural events, charity work, maintaining membership database, advertising, public relations, as well as managing IWAK website and publishing our monthly Newsletter.

Everyone is invited to bring their own skills to IWAK and to help run the association.  All  Committee members and coordinators are volunteers.

IWAK team 2018 – 2019

Name                 Title Responsibility


President General operations management
Dominika Kirby Vice President Administrative support, charity, events
Nola-Ann Lemmer Treasurer Financial management, accounting
Anna Mey Newsletter Editor-in-chief of IWAK monthly online publication, webmaster
Leonie Mueller Communications External relations, maintenance of members’ database, SMM
Laura Debray Newcomers, Newsletter team Management of the application process
Daria Beimart Treasury Finances