Polish cuisine: it’s not just pierogi! This tour is your opportunity to explore the history of Polish food and eating habits. You will be taken back to the roots of Polish cuisine, which, like Polish history, is very diverse and complex. You will get more puzzling aspects of Polish cuisine explained: like, why the most popular pierogi are called Russian? Why good bigos needs to stew for a week or more before you eat it?

You will try some of the best traditional soups, three kinds of dumplings, sour pickles straight from a wooden barrel, sausage, śledź, kompot, cake, and yes, wodka too.

The tour will last 2.5 hours. The price is 250 pln per GROUP for the tour (so, the more of you come, the less you’ll pay). Plus, about 20 pln per person for all the food samples. Join us, it will be literally finger-licking good!