Coronavirus advice, information & updates

For up-to-date information in English, please consult Krakow Expats Directory for more information about the current advisories and updates. Government Chief Sanitary Inspectorate [Polish]

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Autism Centre Handover Visit

On 19 February Kasia Gates and I, on behalf of the IWAK Committee, visited the Centre of Autism and Complex Development Disabilities for the official handover of the 10,000 PLN collected at last year’s Christmas Charity Golden Party. This closes IWAK’s second year of financial assistance to the Centre. We […]

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The Joy of Volunteering in Kraków

Read any guide on how to best integrate into a new community and one of the top tips will always be – VOLUNTEER! It makes perfect sense – you can meet new people, get an opportunity to bridge the gap from “expat” to “local”, develop and maintain skills (often when […]

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