Expat life

Krok po kroku: Reflections in the Mundane Moments of my Days

I hear the birds murmuring and cooing. Morning doves? Rock pigeons — outside on the roof of our building. I glance out the window at the tree in our courtyard, naked branches silhouetted against the pale blue morning sky. No movement discernible. And then yes, one… two tiny birds alight […]

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Spotlight on the Committee – Interview with Leonie Mueller

What’s your story? I was born in South Africa and spent an idyllic childhood in many cities there. After completing Nursing Studies, I went to England, via Israel, where I hoped to study further. I got side-tracked, in a good way, working for an international non-profit organisation and met my […]

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Spotlight on the Committee – Interview with Anna Mey

What’s your story? I am a Polish-Australian who was born in Warsaw, grew up in Australia, and ended up in Kraków. I am a writer, translator and proofreader, a dancer and a traveller. I am also a mother of two, a wife of one, who loves reading, dancing, meeting new […]

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