2 Reasons To Travel In Low Season

How many times during the entire year have you thought about relaxing on a sunny beach, then patiently wait for the summer holidays to do so?

Unfortunately, July and August, being high seasons months almost everywhere in the world, bring – together with hot, sunny days – lots of crowded beaches, confusion, city sightseeing schedules, stress… and all your “relax expectations” are not met!

That’s why this year I decided to take one week off from work at the beginning of October, and travel to the non-conventional tourist city of Lampedusa.

Lampedusa is a small southeast island of Italy, and there are 2 reasons why I decided to go there in low season:

  1. Fewer tourists compared to the months of July and August, which gave me the possibility to meet with locals and learn more about the true identity of the place. Fewer people around also meant less queuing to join sport activities like diving or yoga.
  2. More accessible temperatures: you can swim in the sea at a decent water temperature; there are hot days and warm nights… it feels as enjoyable as the summer minus the sweating!

This low season adventure in Southern Italy gave me the possibility  to approach Autumn and Winter a little more happily, the sun and the sea, the lack of stress and planning regenerated me, both in terms of physical and mental health. I recommend low season travel to anyone!


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