IWAK Charity work and volunteering opportunities

Last year IWAK managed to hold a few successful Charity campaigns! Our Golden Charity Christmas Party brought in PLN 10,000 that was donated to the Autism Centre for their kitchen/dining renovations. Following valuable advice from our new Charity Officer Kasia Gates, the Centre approached IKEA requesting sponsorship and received a full kitchen with appliances free of charge! A further PLN 2,500 was donated to the school by IWAK in summer to fund their flooring. This sum was collected, among others, through our international-themed dinners, such as the successful British and Dutch nights! This tremendous input from IWAK was the perfect touch to end our several-year cooperation with the Autism Centre, although we remain in contact and are open to volunteering work there. Any interested IWAK member can contact the Committee to learn how they can volunteer in person.

We are also proud and grateful to our members for their huge generosity and mobilisation over summer to support a family in need living in dire circumstances. Through cash and in-kind donations IWAK was able to fulfill all of the family’s pending needs and wishes for clothing, shoes, sports and kitchen equipment and appliances, as well as hefty donations for brand new fittings and appliances for the kitchen and bathroom. THANK YOU all again!


A few months back we conducted an online survey among our members to see what kind of charity you are most keen to support, and the overwhelming majority of votes were for a Women’s Shelter. Through contacts with a trusted social worker friend I managed to find the perfect beneficiary! The Centrum Praw Kobiet (Women’s Rights Centre), which opened its branch in Kraków in March! The Centre is thrilled to be approached by IWAK as they are in the process of creating their first shelter here. They have been given premises that requires extensive renovations and will later need to be furnished. They are also open to accepting volunteers from IWAK in any language should anyone be interested! We plan to support them for the next two years in any way we can. This will be somewhat limited, however, given the fact we are unable to presently organise the annual IWAK Christmas Gala. Sadly, again due to COVID, this event is postponed until further notice. So we will need to get creative in other ways! The Centre supports women experiencing any type of violence – domestic, sexual and financial. It provides legal advice and shelter to women and their children.

To help IWAK support its chosen charity beneficiaries please click here.

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