IWAK Memories

My phone beeps with Facebook messages. One of them is from the IWAK’s Walking Group. The group plans a walking meeting and coffee afterwards somewhere in one of the crackingly cosy Kraków cafés. Familiar faces will be attending. There seems to be also one new member, whom I have not met. I wish I was in Kraków and could catch up with those ladies but I returned to Finland at the end of May after living there for two years.

My husband has been seconded to Sosnowiec in 2020. Sosnowiec is about 80 kilometres from Kraków but, despite the distance, we wanted to move to Kraków so that I would have something to do during the week when my husband is at work. We had lived there before, in the years 2007 – 2008, and I was also a member in IWAK and participated in its events. IWAK was thus the reason for living in Kraków.

I contacted IWAK as soon as we moved back in 2020 and I went for a coffee at the first IWAK event. Members had changed almost completely after 14 years, but there were still a couple of familiar faces from old times. Of course, the corona messed up many of IWAK’s plans but I took part in as many events as possible, so I didn’t feel lonely.

I miss my carefree time in Kraków, the beautiful town and all the women I met, a few in particular. With some friends, we also organised meetings between us, but initially I got to know them through IWAK as well.

I would like to thank the IWAK Committee for all the work they do for their members.

Irene Laitinen

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