Happy Stones Kraków

Two of our IWAK ladies have launched a creative, interactive project. Find out more here and feel free to join in!

Stones that make you happy. Made in our beautiful Kraków and left to find at Jordana Park.

If you find one, please post a message and photo to our page of both the front and back of the stone to the Happy Stones Facebook page. So much fun for the stone maker! You can keep the stone or let it travel further in Jordana Park…

Of course you can also participate yourself. Collect stones in nature, decorate them beautifully, mention “Happy Stones Kraków” on them and the Facebook logo, and perhaps you will see your stone passing by! How nice is that? 

We only use natural stones (no artificially made stones, no shells, tiles, wood, etc.), only use paint/marker and varnish, and do not stick anything on (e.g. beads, threads, eyes, glitter or the like) that can come off (and create litter in nature or be eaten by animals). With paint and varnish alone, the stones become beautiful. Without varnish the paint will come off, which is both bad for nature and the beautiful drawing disappears. That would be such a shame.

Place your stones safely (not in the middle of the street or at dangerous crossings, or too low to the ground due to peeing dogs etc.). This is an ongoing individual event. We hope to expand to other parks and the whole of Kraków in the future! Help us to achieve this goal!

Your compliments and sweet comments make the site fun and positive.

Let’s just have a nice, cosy Happy Stones Kraków site together and enjoy each other’s stones!

Mimma Perrone and Kim Bos

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